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Our Trainers

The Performance and Risk Association prides itself on employing the best trainers in Europe to provide cutting-edge content. They include:

Nick Rogers, Implementation Consultant, BI-SAM

Training Courses: Introduction to Performance Measurement; Intermediate Performance Measurement; Practical Guide to Fixed Income; LDI Modelling; Derivatives in Performance

The training partnership between OsneyMedia and Nick Rogers has an impressive legacy of over 10 years. With over 20 years working in the Performance world, Nick is widely regarded as a leading authority in this space with an extensive knowledge of many different types of Derivatives and FIA systems. Nick and his team run many of the PRA’s courses and consistently receive excellent feedback year on year.

Andreas Steiner, Founder, Andreas Steiner Consulting GmbH

Training Course: Investment Risk Analytics

Andreas Steiner is an independent consultant specialising in Investment Performance and Risk Management. Andreas is also an external lecturer at the Zurich University of Applied Sciences, where he gives courses covering topics in Portfolio Theory, Performance Analysis, International Investing and Behavioural Finance. With more than 10 years working experience in Investment Management Andreas has held various Performance and Risk-related roles at
banks and fund companies including being Head of Investment Risk Management at a mid-sized private bank in Switzerland. Andreas holds a master’s degree magna cum laude in Economics from the University of Zurich with specialisations in Monetary Economics and Financial Markets. Additionally, Andreas is a member of various
industry associations related to Investment Performance and Risk.

Matt Price, Partner, Ernst & Young LLP

Training Course: GIPS

Matt Price joined Ernst & Young October 1999. He qualified as Chartered Accountant in October 2002. He has spent ten years in asset management assurance and advisory services. In 2003 he spent 12 months at Ernst & Young Paris to help establish their GIPS practice. Matt is a specialist in: assurance services for investment managers and investment funds; GIPS and other investment performance services; reporting accountants work for investment fund transactions

Mabs Miah, Senior Manager, Ernst & Young LLP

Training Course: GIPS

Mabs Miah is a senior manager focussing on delivering assurance and advisory services to Investment management clients. He qualified in the Investment Management Tax Assurance department of EY. And he has ten years of Asset Management experience and has previously worked for Canada Life and KPMG. Mabs is a GIPS specialist and has also been involved in delivering investment performance track record reviews

He also has experience of delivering other assurance projects such as SAS70 and SOx attestation services to clients in the Investment management industry. 

Brian Feltham, Executive, Ernst & Young LLP

Training Course: GIPS

Brian Feltham joined Ernst & Young as a graduate in October 2004 and qualified as a Certified Accountant August 2008.
He has spent seven years in asset management audit and advisory services and specialised in GIPS and other investment performance services. Brian provides verification services to all UK GIPS clients and leads work in the field. He is a dedicated investment performance specialist. Brian has regular exposure to all the key GIPS engagements and coordinates the delivery of the engagement, manages the work assignments within the team and maintains communication lines to our clients throughout the year.

Robert Rice, CEO, Occam Financial Technology

Training Course: Advanced Risk

Robert Rice is Chief Executive of OCCAM Financial Technology, a firm he founded in 1993, with the aim of demystifying investment technology, and making it available to a wider financial audience. OCCAM’s range of software, particularly their newest products, POW! Risk and POW! Empirical, provide a set of tools for analysing, understanding and presenting risk and return in a simple but powerful manner, whether the investments are bonds, equities, derivatives, funds or other assets. Robert’s belief in the virtues of simple explanations – first advocated by William of Occam in the 14th century - and in the need to make quant practical, springs from his four years as Director of Investment Technology
at Quantec, and, prior to that, his many years with the Baring group, first in corporate finance, then at a central bank in the Middle East, and finally as Managing Director of Baring Quantitative Management. Robert is a graduate of Oxford
University and has a particular interest in forging links between the academic and the so-called real world’s. He is a member of the council of INQUIRE UK, a not-for-profit organisation which through grants and seminars sponsors academic research of practical value, delegate to its sister organisation INQUIRE Europe, and former chairman of its programme committee.

Become a Trainer

If you would like to be considered as a trainer, please contact Mike Jenkins on +965 9726 0445 or email